• Montage of many different activities being done such as setting up the dominoes, public fighting, writing of notes, police officers in the streets …..
  • The editing of the camera shots cut to the public wearing the “V” mask (Guy Fawkes) especially a shot of a man robbing a shop with a gun
  • “What he wants chaos” – close up shot of V’s nemesis stating this as the London community creates chaos in the street to symbolise that they are on V’s side
  • Birdseye view of the whole set of dominoes being set up = a red V with a black circle around it
  • Colours expressed in the scene are red, black, white and dark colours
  • Red = energy, fire, war, rage, revenge, anger and determination
  • The sound of each domino falling builds anticipation and suspense for the viewers


  • Starts with a wide shot showing the setting of the fight – dark alleyway
  • Close up of the evil an trying to kill V
  • Shot od just V alone to show that he is alone in this fight
  • Differentiating shots during the fights
  • Light and colour during the fight was dull, dark and blue tones
  • Electric or brilliant blue becomes dynamic and dramatic and engaging colour that expresses exhilaration.
  • Black – mysterious, negative connotation, contrasting colour
  • Sounds = voice, weapons, knife blades, footsteps, sound effects (of the deaths)

….V setting up more dominoes with an increase of non-digetic music making the tension higher for the climax. It then jumps cuts to a little girl running around wearing a Guy Fawkes mask with a voice over of the main ‘Bad” guy saying he wants those wearing them arrested, showing

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  1. Some good detail here in your bullet points. Ensure you use specific terminology when discussing cinematography techniques. Remember you also need to go in to detail about the director’s intention.


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